Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Pharaoh’s Gold Slot is an excellent slot game. Egyptian themed games are common in the world of online slots. Robbing the pharaoh's tomb is something that has unfortunately occurred for over a millennia. it seems like everyone wanted some of the Pharaoh's gold! Many artifacts have been discovered over the years, and few of them remain in the tombs. In fact, many of them were hauled back and put in museums. It's perhaps now looked down upon to rob graves, finally. Nonetheless, it's fun to imagine being an explorer and unearthing valuable, magical objects connected to some of histories most predominant leaders. Few ancient societies can compare to Egypt when it comes to how grandiose and mysterious they are. This game might rely on a stereotypical theme, but the gameplay itself is anything but stereotypical. This game is innovative, and was developed by the brilliant creators at PariPlay.

This slot game is played on eight reels and features a range of ancient symbols. Visually, Pharaoh's Gold knows what they're doing. You can play on as little as 1 reel if you want a slower slot game experience. Of course, playing on all eight reels would undoubtedly be the more exciting experience. PariPlay slots are usually well designed when it comes to mechanics. For example, if you tire of the soundtrack while you spin, there is a simple mute button that can be used on the background music and the sound effects. They even have volume sliders if you want to control the volume in a more precise manner. The pay table includes tons of details regarding what symbols are most valuable. The game adventure itself operates within a tomb. Two deities stand on either side of the reel, guarding it with staffs in their hand. Before you begin spinning on this slot, you can adjust your bet level. The betting ranges from 0.1 to 2.00 per spin. You can play this game casually by placing low bets, or even play for free by spinning the slot in demo mode. You can play a low bet and activate all eight reels, too.

Symbols and Features

The game animations are phenomenal. They aren't glitchy, slow or boxy, which are my usual complaints when it comes to the visual appearance of a particular slot. This game is best for patient players, however. To land a win on this slot, you need to land three symbols in a row. All symbols within this reel are based on hieroglyphics. Some of these symbols include the Eye of Horus, which is an ancient and powerful symbol. They also have golden pyramids and coiled cobra, along with scarab beetles. If you land three cobras in a row, you'll receive 200 coins. If you land three dog deities in a row, you'll receive 1,000 coins and last if you land 3 red scarabs you'll receive 10,000 coins. If you land three of the bonus symbols, you'll trigger the Wheel of Pharaoh game.

When the Wheel of Pharaoh game launches, you'll need to spin a wheel which will determine the value of the multiplier you receive as two godly Egyptian cats watch. The bonus wins are multiplied by the line bet you set and in the center of the wheel, a green scarab beetle glows. Visually, it's quite stunning, plus the multiple you can win from it make Pharaoh's Gold fully worth it.