CryptoLoko Lounge VIP

CryptoLoko Casino

There are splendid crypto casinos, and then there is Crypto Loko Casino. If you haven't heard about Crypto Loko Casino, you are in for an excellent and glorious online experience. Offering the best and most luxurious Real-Time Gaming slots. But, the rich get richer at Crypto Loko Casino. All of your wagers head towards the sensational VIP program. So, let's discover the might and wonders of this unrivaled VIP program.

Decrypting the VIP rounds

Crypto Loko Casino continues breaking new ground with a multi-tier VIP level. Again, your wagers determine how you advance through the five VIP levels. In addition, you enter the engaging Poko Loko bonus round when you make your first deposit after registration.

The Poko Loko VIP Level

As you get your gaming feet wet on the Poko Loko VIP level, you enjoy a hefty percentage of monthly cashback insurance. Also, the Poko Loko field delivers one Loko point for every $20 you wager. You also enjoy $25,000 worth of payouts.

The Payoso VIP Level

You will progress into the Payaso level when you accumulate enough comp points. On this fascinating troupe, you enjoy increased monthly benefits. You will also enjoy one comp point for every $20 wagered. And you can expect the same resounding $25,000 payout per month.

It gets Kooky

And when you thought things couldn't get more cooky, Crypto Loko Casino makes the third time the charm with the Kooky VIP level. Here, you can rely on more insane monthly cashback features with one comp point for every $20 wagered. Of course, you can expect the same rewarding $25,000 monthly payback.

Get Batty

And if you really want to get batty, Crypto Loko Casino goes up another notch with the official Batty VIP level. This time, you receive $50,000 in monthly withdrawals. See, we told you you'd go Batty on this level.

Enjoy the Muy Loko Level

The fifth and best level is the Muy Loko. If you think the Batty level is the cream of the crop, the Muy Loko level takes the cake. Enjoy an unbelievable increase in the monthly cashback bonuses, with the consistent one comp point for every $20 wagered. Of course, the insane $50,000 monthly withdrawals carry over from the Batty level.